the whole new economy
Nations begin to shape post-pandemic economy amid diverging fortunes and challenges.
Actions needed to prevent lasting damage to the poorest and most vulnerable populations by empowering and boosting all new economic growth engines with a whole new approach.
We believe that to find new island we have to create new continent. We urgently need a nation's new economy agenda

Our Vision

Nation's new economy agenda

Established in the middle of pandemy era, ICON stands for INDONESIA ECONOMY INITIATIVE, Initiative means the ability to assess and initiate things independently, the power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do, an act or strategy intended to resolve a difficulty or improve a situation; a fresh approach to something, in the light of making initiative, ICON intended to be THE NATION'S NEW ECONOMY AGENDA

Making the new rebound economy works

While investor focus will no doubt be on the great reopening of the global economy, much of the growth outlook for many economies continues to be defined by domestic structural challenges

Founding Board

Dedi Hilman Sumitradinata

Founder & CEO

Rika Handayani

Founding Partner & CFO

Edi Mukhlas K

Co-founder & CMO

Our Services


Providing legal, finance, business & marketing strategy consultacy, mentoring & coaching


Connecting, intermediating & collaborating between clients and investors


Executing business plan & delivering results


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